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Multiple Sclerosis Resource and Competence Center

The Multiple Sclerosis Resource and Competence Center , certified in March 2017, provides care for patients with multiple sclerosis and related inflammatory diseases through consultations, day and week hospitalizations and full hospitalizations.

It also takes charge of complex situations thanks in particular to MS by videoconference, accessible to neurologists in the region.

Finally, it ensures the coordination, training of health professionals and the dissemination of good practices in close collaboration with the NORMANDIE SEP , as well as the promotion of clinical research by participating in numerous epidemiological and therapeutic studies.

  • Activities


    Several neurologists specializing in multiple sclerosis provide consultations at the University Hospital of Caen, for undiagnosed patients at the request of attending physicians, follow-ups or second opinions requested by other neurologists. SEP network is also present on site once a week to present the structure and to plan a subsequent interview if necessary for the resumption of announcements or the presentation of treatments, for example. It also helps to provide assistance in complex situations, particularly in the event of a social problem. Other specialties are also involved in the care of the center's patients, in particular with rehabilitation doctors, ophthalmologists, radiologists and neuropsychologists.

    • Complete hospitalization

    The General Neurology Unit welcomes patients in full hospitalization from the emergency room or by direct entry depending on the reason for admission. These are most often new undiagnosed patients who require additional examinations and urgent treatments (first MS for example). The neurologists of the CRC- SEP are then called upon for the management and the organization of the subsequent follow-up.

    • Day and week hospitalization

    The day and week hospital can accommodate patients requiring additional examinations for the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and related inflammatory diseases (lumbar puncture, blood test, MRI, etc.) as well as the carrying out of hospital treatments requiring monitoring in a specialized environment. Admissions are scheduled and follow requests from neurologists, with additional specialized advice from a CRC- SEP .


    Each month, a diagnostic and therapeutic consultation meeting is held by videoconference (e-staff) with neurologists in the region to discuss the management of complex situations requiring expertise by the CRC- SEP . A secure telemedicine platform enables rapid exchanges by sharing imagery and medical data.

    MS neurologists by other neurologists in cases requiring faster responses.


    The CRC- SEP also participates in the training of healthcare professionals and patients in partnership with the NORMANDIE SEP by organizing meetings involving regional or national experts in specific fields. A therapeutic education program is also offered to patients and caregivers by the network. The dissemination of recommendations, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and procedures for administering and monitoring new treatments for the disease is also provided by the CRC- SEP to neurologists in the region.


    The CRC- SEP is involved in research with the promotion of several studies and the participation in academic and industrial therapeutic trials within the clinical research center of the CHU, enhanced by scientific publications. The national database of the French Observatory of Multiple Sclerosis ( OFSEP ) is also fed at each consultation and hospitalization after the patient's agreement, making it possible to have epidemiological data and to participate in research work piloted by OFSEP . The CRC- MS also works in collaboration with the Francophone Society of Multiple Sclerosis, in particular for the drafting of the national recommendations published each year on MS . A team made up of clinical research associates and clinical study technicians dedicated to multiple sclerosis coordinates studies with the centre's neurologists.